Welcome to Sunday school! Come and enjoy learning about God’s Word with us.


Nursery: Birth – Through 4 Years

Miss Robyn cares for the littlest ones in our nursery area with age appropriate toys, books, videos, and music. Please feel free to bring a diaper bag with anything your little one might need during their stay.

Nursery time is provided for Sunday school and Morning Worship.


Kindergarten - 2nd. Grade Class

Introducing stories and characters from the Bible often means some different activities and hands-on learning in Miss Linda’s class. We’re studying the Bible from the Old through the New Testament. The curriculum has a free download app you can use at home.


3rd. – 8th. Grade Class

Our older students enjoy a more in-depth look at Bible truths and God’s plan for us as they study stories and people throughout Scripture. Miss Lauren encourages everyone to apply their Bible study lessons to their daily lives.


Adult Class

The Adult Class has been studying Scripture by choosing a book of the Bible to look at verse by verse. Whether you’re a new Christian, a seasoned believer, or just starting to be interested in who Jesus really is, come to Kent’s class for a time of discussion and learning together.